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20 Years of Market Reviews

A reflection on the lessons learned from 20 years of ex ante market reviews

Economically Sustainable Ultrafast Broadband Markets: A two-sided market analysis

Markets need to deliver both consumer benefits and a fair return for investors. This report, prepared for Liberty Global, examines the efficient level of network duplication in ultrafast broadband markets.

Faster downloads to haptic e-commerce: the consumer benefits of 5G

The benefits for business customers have been widely discussed, but it is important that regulators do not ignore the benefits of 5G for residential consumers.

Gatekeeper or Strategic Market Status? Defining who is subject to big tech regulation

The European Commission and the UK’s CMA are taking different approaches to identifying which big tech firms should be regulated. Does either offer a better template for regulating big tech companies?

Principles for the governance and regulation of digital platforms

Should digital platforms be regulated using clear principles or presecriptive rules? How should regulators decide which platform markets to regulate?

Post Covid Telecoms: A System Dynamics Model of Demand Side Shock

SPC Network and DAS have updated our System Dynamics model of investment determinants to capture the demand side shock in broadband services caused by Covid 19 and the lockdown.

Determinants of Investment in VHCNs reveals important findings to meet Gigabit Society targets

Latest edition of Hexagon summarises main findings of report for BEREC

Charity Donations 2019

SPC Network delighted to support YMCA Norfolk and Human Milk Foundation

Should Digital Platforms be Regulated

Interview with Benoit Reillier of Launchworks

Defining Digital Platforms: An Indirect Challenge

Is the Hypotehtical Monopolist Test fit for purpose to define digital platform markets? What can regulators learn from the economics of indirect constraints?

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