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Margin Squeeze in an Ex Ante Regulatory Environment - Full Report

Full report prepared for Dutch broadband operators Tele2 and T-Mobile on a specifically ex ante margin squeeze test.

Hexagon Issue 2

Non-discrimination: Thoughts on operationalizing BEREC's high level principles on non-discrimination

Hexagon Issue 1

Proposed EU regulation should create competition for mobile roaming, but will regulators be happy if some consumers pay lower prices than others?

Margin Squeeze: Defining a Reasonably Efficient Operator

What standard should a regulator or competition authority apply when determining if a dominant firm has been margin squeezing its competitors: the Equally Efficient Operator (EEO) or Reasonably Efficient Operator (REO)?

Efficiency, Quality and Innovation in an NBN Environment

How can a regulator incentivise a monopoly provider of an essential input to be efficient, to deliver quality and be innovative? This report for Australian communications services company Optus proposes regulatory action to achieve these aims

Regulation and Investment: A Brief Note on the ECTA Scorecard and Investment 2007

We continue to find a strong relationship between the effectiveness of the regulatory environment and investment. Countries which score highest in the ECTA Regulatory Scorecard, tend to enjoy higher levels of investment.

Next Generation Regulation and the Product Life Cycle

Politicians have set ambitious targets for the availability and use of Next Generation Acces, but will the regulations encourage the market to deliver or hinder development?

Equivalence of Input and Functional Separation: A Framework for Analysis

This paper identifies the importance of providing access on equivalent terms to all operators using Next Generation Networks. The report looks at the reality of competition in telecommunications, the UK experience of setting up a functionally separated acc

NGN Charging Principles

This paper prepared for NGNuk explores whether the charging principles applicable in current generation networks, such as Calling Party Network Pays, remain appropriate once Next Generation Networks are implemented.

Price and Income Elasticity of Demand for Broadband Subscriptions: A Cross-Sectional Model

In this brief paper we explore the relationship between price, wealth and broadband adoption to determine the importance of price as a driver of demand.

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