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Defining Digital Platforms: An Indirect Challenge

Is the Hypotehtical Monopolist Test fit for purpose to define digital platform markets? What can regulators learn from the economics of indirect constraints?

Fibre: Taking the Right Steps

To get the broadband infrastructure and consumer benefit that are needed, regulators have to abandon the short-term thinking that can stifle new entrants and investment, argue RICHARD CADMAN, JONATHAN KINGAN and GITA SORENSEN

Ex ante regulation of digital platforms: Challenges for the three criteria test

Amid calls for regulation of digital platforms can the Three Criteria Test be used to indetify where ex ante regulation is relevant?

Finding Collective Dominance in an ex ante Environment

• Draft European Electronics Communications Code places more emphasis on collective dominance. • Ex post conditions well known, but how should an NRA find collective dominance ex ante? • Guidance is needed to ensure focus on structural market conditions

Competition Appeal Tribunal Judgement: How to Define a Market

How to define a market: Lessons from the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal

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Brexit: It looks like a complete break

Britain looks to be heading for a "hard Brexit" and an interventionist industrial strategy. What will this mean for sector policy and regulation?

BT Separation: The end of a beautiful relationship?

Will Ofcom's proposal to establish Openreach as a legally separate subsidiary of BT achieve its goals of more investment in fibre?

Three forms of BT Separation: Objectives, solutions and effects

UEA CCP Working Paper exploring three forms of separation of BT: their motivations and possible effects on investment.

A Post-Brexit Information Society: Recognising Realities and Finding Futures

A paper exploring scenarios for Information Society policy and electronic communications regualtion in a post-Brexit Britain. This paper was presented at a Foundation for Information Society Policy seminar on 14th September 2016.

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