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Fibre: Taking the Right Steps

To get the broadband infrastructure and consumer benefit that are needed, regulators have to abandon the short-term thinking that can stifle new entrants and investment, argue RICHARD CADMAN, JONATHAN KINGAN and GITA SORENSEN

Three forms of BT Separation: Objectives, solutions and effects

UEA CCP Working Paper exploring three forms of separation of BT: their motivations and possible effects on investment.

A Post-Brexit Information Society: Recognising Realities and Finding Futures

A paper exploring scenarios for Information Society policy and electronic communications regualtion in a post-Brexit Britain. This paper was presented at a Foundation for Information Society Policy seminar on 14th September 2016.

The Dynamics of Broadband Markets in Europe Realizing the 2020 Digital Agenda

SPC Network Director Richard Cadman contributes to major book on EU Broadband Markets

Margin Squeeze: Defining a Reasonably Efficient Operator

What standard should a regulator or competition authority apply when determining if a dominant firm has been margin squeezing its competitors: the Equally Efficient Operator (EEO) or Reasonably Efficient Operator (REO)?

Next Generation Regulation and the Product Life Cycle

Politicians have set ambitious targets for the availability and use of Next Generation Acces, but will the regulations encourage the market to deliver or hinder development?

Price and Income Elasticity of Demand for Broadband Subscriptions: A Cross-Sectional Model

In this brief paper we explore the relationship between price, wealth and broadband adoption to determine the importance of price as a driver of demand.