Tracking Market Sentiment

The key objective of sentiment research is to provide an independent and in-depth assessment of current market perceptions.

This includes identifying and analysing where there are gaps in the understanding of a company’s strategy, operations and investment proposition – within the context of its investment/sector peers.  It also includes providing an absolute and relative rating on IR performance, which can be benchmarked annually.

Our bespoke research approach is the default for our clients when it comes to establishing a really qualitative, in-depth benchmark on sentiment towards the investment proposition and equity story.  Our close connections with the buy- and sell-side community mean we can guarantee access to the key commentators, and also ensure they will give up their limited time to speak to us in detail.  Our research is always completely tailored to the specific corporate situation and we only use our senior team members who have already built up an extensive level of knowledge about the company and the industry.

The critical value-add is that this research is an independent and objective assessment of third party opinion, and as such is particularly valuable for executive management and the Board, in that it establishes a clear set of priorities regarding future communication of the equity story.