Managing the Message

We work closely with our clients to help them assess how clearly aligned their corporate strategy, equity story and investment proposition are with their capital markets goals and IR targets … and how that impacts valuations.

Providing an independent review of how clearly and credibly a company’s equity story messaging is being communicated is an important first step in improving valuations.  We advise management on how to crystallise and differentiate their investment case, and to identify where it needs sharpening vs. market sentiment.  It is critical that the capital markets “buy into” the investment proposition and that CEO, CFO and IROs are seen to be confident, credible and consistent in their communications.

We work with clients both on equity story messaging and on presentation delivery techniques.  We understand the specific challenges which management may face in presenting internally and externally, and our coaching is always completely tailored to the specific situation.  We only use experienced coaches who build up an extensive level of knowledge about the company and the industry.  We always aim to provide immediate improvements with long-lasting results.